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A Brief History of the Garage Door

Today, most homeowners are lucky enough to have the ability to park their vehicles in their garage by just clicking a button on their garage door opener remote. Yet, as you would guess, this was not always the case. Up until 1926, homeowners were forced to open their heavy wooden garage doors on their own. This all changed when C.G. Johnson created the first electric opener.

In the 88 years that have passed since then, there have been a number of technology advancements in the openers that we use today. These advancements make opening and closing our garage doors a very routine and mindless task that we complete every day. Our garage doors are also equipped with more safety features, and they are getting more and more security features as technology continues to improve to prevent break-ins. The reliability and convenience are so ingrained into our brains that we take our garage door systems for granted—that is until they suddenly stop working on us.

When Your Door Stops Working

Chances are your garage door system decided to stop working at a really inconvenient time for you. Maybe it happened during a thunderstorm or after a long and bad day at work? In these types of moments, all you want your remote to do is open your garage. Yet, in this moment, it has finally dawned on you that no matter how many times you press that button, nothing is going to happen. With all your frustration and anger, know that you can always trust our Reading garage door repair service. We're here day, night, and in bad weather to fix your toughest garage door problems.

Aside from the frustration and anger that you feel when your garage door system decides to stop working are the safety concerns that arise as well. Unit that is not working correctly may make your home more vulnerable to a break-in or theft. This creates a safety concern for you and your family, and the problem should be dealt with as soon as possible. Thus, instead of messing around trying to fix the problem yourself, you may want to call our Reading garage door repair service to repair correctly to deter potential break-ins from happening.

The Chance of Causing Further Damage

Of course, one danger of trying to fix your garage door problem yourself is the possibility causing further damage to it. By putting further damage on your door, it will only make repair charges more expensive. Thus, instead of trying to fix a problem that could lead to a much bigger one, look to Reading garage door repair service to come and fix the problem right the first time. Our trained and certified technicians working like new again in no time!

A DIY Repair Could Be Dangerous

Not only is a DIY repair potentially dangerous to your garage door, but it can also be dangerous to your safety as well. An attempted DIY repair that goes wrong could result in an unexpected and unnecessary injury. Instead, let one of our professional repairs in Reading technicians take care of it.

For example, a garage door with one torsion spring at its center should never have a DIY repair attempted on it. This is because the tension of this loaded spring is so immense that, if the spring is removed improperly, it could result in a very bad injury. If you have a like this, it would be wise to call our specialists to deal with this issue. Seeing as our specialists are very experienced in dealing with this problem, you can trust that a professional specialist will do the job right.

The Facts

Of course, there are some common issues that you can take care of with a little troubleshooting. However, there are certain problems that you should only let our professional repair specialists handle. One of these things is garage door maintenance. Every year, you should have your garage door unit inspected by a trusted professional to make sure that it is working properly and that there isn't in any damage present.

By calling our Reading garage door repair service today, we can come and inspect. Our specialists will check your door opener, springs, and rollers to make sure everything are working correctly, and that there is no damage. Ultimately, our service will make sure is safe for you and your family.

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