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A broken spring is a very typical garage door problem, and it may be the reason why your system is not working correctly. One thing that is important to note is that replacing your garage door's springs can be a very dangerous procedure. If you did not know already, these springs are under a large amount of tension, and they serve as a very important piece of your door system. This is because your garage door springs actually lift about 90 percent of your garage door, which is why you need to make sure that your set of springs is installed properly.

Keep Safety In Mind

Not only is replacing and installing a new garage door spring dangerous, this procedure is not for someone who does not have any experience completing such a project. This type of repair would require you to follow a number of safety procedures, and you would also have to know how to remove a garage door spring and install a new one properly. Thus, you are not only risking your safety, but you are also running the chance that you install your new spring incorrectly. This type of repair is even difficult for our experienced and professional Reading garage door broken spring repair specialists because of the safety concerns.

Let Our Technicians Handle It

Seeing as you probably do not have access to a large inventory of garage door springs, we can ensure that we match your broken spring with the right one. Instead of messing around with trying to remove your broken spring and install a new one by yourself, you can trust that one of our spring repair specialists will do the job right.


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